Week 5, Writing Event 5

America will most likely never have a “National Theatre.” This is because the US theatre scene depends a lot on productions that originate in other countries. Some of the most beloved shows are imported and adapted into US society. The US tends to enjoy more “foreign” theatre due to the amount of  […]

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Week 4, Writing Event 4

Nothing matches the excitement and energy of live theatre. Theatre is extremely valuable in the age of digital media. It gives us a break from the chaos of the real world. It also teaches us to embrace our world and understand our struggles better, in ways that social media is unable to. It also  […]

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Week 3, Writing Event 3

Theatre is not just important because it “touches the human soul,” but also because it helps us embrace human emotions and participate in the human experience. I truly believe that theatre is medicine for the soul. It helps us cope with tragedies and make sense of reality both happy, funny, and sad.  […]

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Week 2, Writing Event 2

Theatre matters to many different people in many different ways. The same piece of theatre can mean many different things. It can be used to find our true selves, educate ourselves and peers, and discover what it really means to be a human being in our current world and how we can make it a better  […]

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