Week 10, Writing Event 10

I was in complete and utter shock and sadness. If this was real, it would crush so many people. The most damning aspect of the letter was the blatant disregard of the value and importance of theatre to not only society, but also many individuals. I think that if the University actually had problems  […]

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Week 9, Writing Event 9

It is a complex balancing act when it comes to trigger warnings in theatre. I think that there should be more warnings, especially for intense and explicit pieces and scenes. However, I think that warnings should be used sparingly because it can detract from the truth and realness of live theatre.  […]

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Week 8, Writing Event 8

I think that the value to the audience is not just the possibility of a current, public moment. I think that there are many more important and significant aspects that are more valuable than a moment. I think that moments can be very effective and an important experience when attending theatre.  […]

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Week 7, Writing Event 7

Political satire offers a lighthearted twist to very serious issues that are relevant to today. It allows laughter towards serious topics. However, I wouldn’t go as far as allowing it in the same category of theatre and art as musicals and plays. I agree that political satire is toothless due to  […]

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Week 6, Writing Event 6

COVID-19 will most likely produce new productions in theatre. COVID embodies the rollercoaster of emotions that theatre is meant to mirror. Aspects of the human condition that theatre will mention when addressing COVID includes grief, doubt, disbelief, sadness and depression, and anger. All of these  […]

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