Week 13, Writing Event 13

I really enjoyed the class. It was one of my favorite theatre classes that I have ever taken. I liked that the course balanced a real life application with theatrical elements. I think that every reading and assignment was an important addition to the course. I learned about how complex theatre is,  […]

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Week 12, Writing Event 12

The arts should be included in STEM. By not including the arts, it devalues the role of art in education and life in general, even if it is not intentionally left out. The arts should be equally valued as STEM in all fields and education levels. As the articles address, the arts utilize and teach  […]

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Week 11, Writing event 11

I don't think that "type" casting should be as popular as it is. Type casting profiles actors and puts them into categories that may not be accurate or can alienate some actors. This also applies to casting cis people as gay characters. Casting non-minorities as those who struggle on a  […]

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